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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 5, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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ready for the big conference. bill: yes we do. we are actually getting pretty good at it. martha: oh, man. bill: it's every wednesday with -- martha: we are coming up on the radio. check us out at "happening now" starts now. we'll see you tomorrow, bye, everybody. jenna: "happening now" a major shakeup at the white house. glad you're with us, everybody today, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. there are big changes to president obama's foreign policy team. he will announce today that tom donilon will step on you and be replaced by u.n. ambassador susan rice. the appointment does not require senate confirmation. afpl bass tkoer rice of cours ambassador rice at the center of the benghazi scandal after she went on sunday talk shows days after the attack that killed four americans and blamed it on the video. the information she gave later turned out to be incorrect. >> the best information and the best assessment we have today is
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that in fact this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack, that what happened initially was that it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cry row a cairo as a consequence of the video. people gathered outside of the embassy and it grew very violent. jon: charlie hurt is a columnist for the washington times, a longtime observer of how things go in washington. explain this move, charlie. >> well, you know, whether she lied when she game those talking points or she was -- misunderstood the situation, either way she got it spectacularly wrong, why don't we make her national security adviser who briefs the president every day on national security. it's kind of a strange pick if you ask me. this is what i call the second term stink, it's when, you know, you can't fire people because they know too much, you can't hire new people because you -- you have to bring people in and sort of let them in on all the
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secrets and mistakes that have already gone on in the administration, so you just kind of stir people around, and that's what we are doing here. and so susan rice, as viewers know was passed over, or at least removed herself from consideration for secretary of state to succeed hillary clinton, and so they kind of needed a nice place for her to land and if is where she lands. jon: it's a job that does not require senate confirmation. the president can pick whom he chooses to be national security adviser. obviously if he had put her in some kind of a role that would require confirmation there would be all kinds of questions asked in the u.s. senate. >> oh, yeah. you know, jon i think this is sort of the most important part here of this decision, is the fact that, okay, so republicans can't stop her, and who knows if they really would have succeeded at stopping her anyway with democrats in control of the senate. but what this allows republicans
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to do instead is to spend the next four years talking about susan rice and benghazi, because she is a very live part of the administration, it keeps the issue of benghazi, which there still remains a lot of unanswered questions, very much alive and it's not unreasonable for republicans to continue this drumbeat, which of course they would like to do for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the threat that hillary clinton may run for president in 2016, and so it's smart politics to just keep drilling down to get to the bottom of what really happened in benghazi and what mistakes were made. jon: speaking of hillary clinton an interesting choice to replace susan rice as u.n. ambassador, samantha power. people might remember her name from something that happened oh about five years ago. >> she got sacked for calling none other than hillary clinton a monster on the obama campaign. and so she got sacked from that,
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was -- six months later was rehired biobama to work for hillary clinton. but apparently i guess they patched things up, it underscores the whole notion that sort of -- in this town nothing means anything. you get fired, you are get rehired. you give a spectacularly bad intelligence assessment of a terrorist attack and you get made national security adviser. it's pretty good stuff. jon: giving the president his national daily briefing on security matters. it will be interesting. i want to talk to you about this story as well, charlie. the deadline is today for attorney general eric holder to answer questions about his testimony on the justice department seizure of journalists records. now the house judiciary committee is looking into whether the attorney general lied under oath back on may 15th when he claimed he never heard about the potential prosecution of a member of the press. days later we learn the justice department in addition to seizing telephone and e-mail records of associated press
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reporters had seized the e-mail and phone records of fox news correspondent james rosen with a warrant signed by the attorney general that characterizes rosen as a coconspirator. republican lawmakers are threatening to subpoena the nation's top cop if he does not respond to today's deadline. here is chairman of the house judiciary committee bob goodlatt last night on greta. >> would he want to have the attorney general respond to the questions we've posted to him based upon the clear contradiction between his sworn testimony in the committee and his approval of the affidavit for a search warrant in the rosen case. before the committee when asked by democratic congressman hank johnson of georgia about the prosecution of reporters said the potential prosecution of reporters was something he had never heard of, thought it would be an unwise thing to do. jon: democrats are defending holder arguing that the attorney
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general's statements were not out of line. >> it made an allegation for purposes of obtaining a search warrant, but it was not a charge, it was not a formal charge of mr. rosen with espionage, and he's never been charged with espionage and the attorney general said that he had never been a part of such a prosecution of a journalist for merely revealing classified information. and so what he said was fair and accurate, and case closed as far as i'm concerned. jon: what do you think, charlie? is the attorney general going to go ahead and submit to what congress wants or are they going to have to subpoena him? >> i think that from what i under from doj they are going to very much try to meet the deadline and supply answers to the questions that have been asked, but i don't think that
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even if they do do that, i don't think that that necessarily eliminates the very real possibility that mr. holder will be brought back before congress to answer a lot of these questions. they are very serious questions and go to the heart of weather he actually lied in sworn testimony before congress, and that is bad with anybody that you have in the administration or outside of the administration, but when you're talking about the highest law enforcement officer in the land, the attorney general of the united states, and the possibility that he may have actually lied under oath, it is a shockingly serious issue, and one that goes to the very fabric of all prosecutions that he has directed. he may -- obviously he's not involved in every single prosecution, you know, hands on but he is the backbone of it and he is the standard bearer and if he has that little regard for
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giving truthful testimony then it's going to be -- it doesn't matter whether they comply with today's dead lean or not he'll find himself hauled before congress again. jon: general holder held a meeting with some of the lawyers, top lawyers in the intelligence community yesterday and there was, maybe you might call it a leak from that meeting, someone who was in the room says that the attorney general says don't worry about all of this brouhaha over press investigations, i want to be aggressive and i want you to be aggressive with punishing media leakers. does that surprise you? >> yes, very much so, because, you know, it just reveals i think how absolutely confident these folks are in -- whether it's the -- you know, the journalism leaks, whether it's telling us that benghazi was just a spur of of the moment sort of protest over a video, that they are absolutely -- they play for keeps, you know, they
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have no p reservations about going full bore and that's what i think holder is doing now, even as serious questions are being raised about, you know, about his truthfulness. jon: charlie hurt from the washington times. thank you. >> thanks, jon. jenna: new developments in the scandal involving the i.r.s. targeting of conservative groups. yesterday we heard dramatic testimony on capitol hill from witnesses describing what it was like for them. they say to be singled out for their political beliefs. take a listen. >> i was asked to identify those whom i train and that i inform the federal government in detail what i am teaching my students. considering that the mission of my organization is devoted to mentoring young people, some of whom are miners, can you imagine the reaction of the students' parents were i to turn over the names of their children to the i.r.s.? >> the i.r.s. needs to be fully investigated and held accountable for its incompetent harassment and targeting of conservative groups. >> the head of the human rights
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campaign had recently been named the national cochair of the obama re-election campaign. this just smells and i hope this committee gets to the bottom of it. >> i have think the i.r.s. needs to fix its labeling machine, we are the for patriots, not occupy oakland. >> personally i wondered who fights the i.r.s.? what would the repe repercussions be? would there even be a home to win. i'm a born free american woman, wife, mother and citizen, and i'm telling my government that you've for 0 gotten your place. jenna: very emotional personal stories yesterday. the i.r.s. is under fire for lavish spending on employee conferences and for videos like the one you're seeing on your screen, a line dancing video. tomorrow the house oversight and government reform committee holding a hearing called collected and wasted, the i.r.s. spending cull thaour and conference abuses to talk about this. lawmakers are looking into the findings of an audit that showed the i.r.s. spent up to
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$50 million on employee conferences over the last two years, or over a two-year period. we have yet to hear who is going to be testifying tomorrow. in the meantime to washington d.c. i want to take you to the city of philadelphia where we are seeing what is the remnants of a building collapse there. still not so much known about this. 'twas an emergency situation obviously over the last hour. according to local reports we are hearing this was an apartment building, and there are some reports that there may be some people trapped inside the rubble. no word as to what caused this building to collapse. according to one source this is in center city, philadelphia. it happened around 10:45 east coast time, so just about 20 minutes ago, really. fire fighters are responding, you can see them there on the screen. and really nothing left of this building if indeed it was the four-story apartment building as it's reported to be. we'll stay on this. trying to find out what exactly happened here and report back to you about any injuries and any
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other breaking news as we get it. right now secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius is facing some serious backlash after saying she will not intervene in the case of this ten-year-old girl from pennsylvania who is in dire need of a lung transplant. you've seen this story really all over our air, it's gained national attention and now the response from the secretary of health and human services. molly henneberg is live in our d.c. bureau with more on this. >> reporter: secretary sebelius says lawyers at health and human services say she cannot intervene, she can only ask for a review of the transplant procedures, which she has done. but critics say by the time that review is done sarah mernahan will be dead. she is in the end stage of cystic fibrosis with potentially weeks to live unless she gets a lung transplant. she is ten years old. and because she is 10 she is only eligible for a pediatric lung and they aren't available very often. if sarah were 12 years old she
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could get on the list for an adult lung, and that often does become available. her family and ad advocates are asking secretary sebelius to make an exception to step in and say that she is eligible nor an adult young. sebelius says she has to defer to the medical rules already in place. >> unfortunately there are about 40 very seriously ill pennsylvania citizens over the age of 12 also waiting for a lung transplant and three other children in the philadelphia hospital at the same acuity rate as sarah waiting for a lung transplant. transplant surgeons and healthcare providers who design the protocol are based on their best medical judgment of the most appropriate way to decide allocation. >> reporter: some republican members of congress say transplants should be based on
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the severity of the illness and not the age of the patient and argue that sarah may be able to live with anne adul an adult lung. >> sarah's case is different. doctors have said she can survive by an adult lung. it could be mod need to save her life. why do we do so much bug crap around this mays and we have a chance to save someone's life. there is no logic to this. >> reporter: she says the organ transatlanta procedure should be guided by medical science and medical experts. jenna: thank you. jon: an international search underway right now for a missing u.s. marine. the fbi says this marine, his father and uncle all were kidnapped at gunpoint in mexico. the family says they know the motive behind the kidnapping inks. we will speak with an fbi agent about the case next. plus, the government is asking chrysler to voluntarily recall some of its jeep grand cherokees because this is supposedly what
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could happen if the vehicle is rear an and rear-ended. chrysler said, nope, not doing it. can the car company do that? and why would it? a live report on this controversy ahead "happening now."
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jenna: an international search is underway right now for a u.s. marine kidnapped at gunpoint in mexico. the fbi is asking for help finding leads in the disappearance of this iraq war veteran and reservist, armando torres. investigators say torres was visiting his father on a ranch across the u.s. border when armed intruders took him, his father and uncle shortly after he arrived at the ranch a few weeks ago on may 14th. they have not been seen since. the family believes the kidnapping is tied to a landis pursuit of some sort. special agent rad stanley is chief of the fbi international crimes unit and joins is now. agent, have you heard anything
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from the victims, from the alleged kidnappers, from anyone involved in this disappearance? >> no, jenna we have not heard anything since mr. torres' abduction on may the 14th. jenna: who do you think has him? >> well, i wouldn't want to speculate at this time. we just know from what witnesses told us at the site of the abduction that he was taken by armed individuals, mr. torres' father and his uncle. jenna: we have heard about the landis pursuit. mary landrieu dispute. when we talk about mexico and abductions we think about drug cartels as well. is that a factor in this? >> you know, jenna i wouldn't want to speculate on the motive behind mr. torres' disappearance. i think it's important that we concentrate on getting mr. torres safely back to his family, and mr. torres being an american citizen it's important to the fbi that we reach out to the public and get information
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on his disappearance and abduction. jenna: do you have reason to believe they could be harmed in anyway? >> well, you know, mr. torres, from what witnesses told us, they were taken by armed individuals, so of course we are concerned about mr. torres' safety, as well as the safety of his father and uncle. jenna: quick question here i know you were involved in the investigation to try to find jessica buchanan, the american that was taken by men in somalia and was being held for 90 days before she was rescued. what takes place in a case like that, we're seeing a picture of her on the screen and your experience with that type of case that you can apply to this one? are they similar in think way about how you go about the investigation and eventually, hopefully getting these guys freed? >> well, jenna, each investigation is, you know, very separate and unique. we do try to take the best lessons learned from each of these cases and apply them to other cases. in this case as with other
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international hostage takings we are working very closely with other u.s. government agencies, as well as especially in this case the mexican law enforcement authorities. jenna: but you've been asked for no ransom, there has been no ransom calls for anything like that? >> there's been nothing heard from the kidnappers since the abduction on the 14th of may. jenna: interesting. all right. special agent saley thank you so much. i know you can't talk too much about the case. hopefully getting the photograph out and having our conversation maybe we can learn something over the next new days and we look forward to having you back. thank you, sir. >> thank you, jenna. jon: we told you about it at the top of the hour a big shakeup on the white house foreign policy team, president obama announcing his national security adviser is stepping down. ambassador susan rice is going to get the job. and new information in the benghazi terror attack, former ambassador thomas pick erring testifying behind closed doors to lawmakers. ambassador john bolton weighs in on both stories next. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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jenna: back to that breaking news out of philadelphia, and the first look we are getting at this building collapse. rick has more from our newsroom. >> reporter: actually several buildings, jenna. we are told there were three separate buildings involved in the collapse. two, three story buildings and one slightly smaller building and that there are still people trapped in the rubble. dogs have been brought in to help police and fire and first responders search for those trapped under the rubble. as many as eight to ten people we're told as police are telling everyone to stay away from the scene so that the first responders can get access to that, and to help get those people out of there. no word on what caused this. but the police chief in philly is being quotinged right now that this was definitely not an explosion. not an explosion according to
11:26 am
the police chief in philadelphia, charles ramsey. as we get more on this. three separate buildings collapsing there, we'll bring it to you. jenna: what a mystery. we'll stay on the story, rick, thank you. jon: right now more on that major shakeup of the white house foreign policy seem, president obama expected to announce later today national security adviser tom donilon is stepping down. his replacement will be u.n. ambassador susan rice, her appointment does not who require senate confirmation. all of this happening after the controversy over benghazi. ambassador rice very much at the center of that scandal. you'll remember she gave incorrect explanations for the attack that killed four americans. let's get thoughts from ambassador john bolton. a former ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor and i under mr. ambassador not entirely surprised at this chain of events. >> right, well i'm always glad to see a u.s. ambassador to the united nations make something of herself or himself after that job. i have to say in this case it's
11:27 am
been predicted ever since the famous five appearances on the sunday talk shows by susan rice that she would not move onto another position in the administration that required her to explain that before a senate confirmation committee. so the choice was either really stay in new york or if tom donilon moved that she would take the national security adviser job. she's long been close to president obama. i think much of her time in the u.n. job was actually spent in washington. so i don't think this will indicate really a change in administration policy or direction, it's more of moving permanently from new york back to washington for susan rice. jon: you think in a them democratically controlled senate she would have trouble getting confirmation for a job? >> i think it depend really on how the benghazi scandal continues to unfold. i think there are real difficulties there that would
11:28 am
pose trouble and a confirmation environment. some of us have experience, it's not necessarily the person himself or herself that is involved there are larger issues that can hold up a confirmation as well. i think whatever the calculus the administration months ago decided it wasn't worth the candle, and the real issue was whether tom donilon would move and whether he would move sooner rather than later, and voluntarily, or in voluntarily. jon: and while we are on the topic of benghazi, we have ambassador thomas picke tomorrow pick were a longtime civil servant, state employee testifying behind closed doors in front of a house committee that is investigating what happened there and that whole accountability review board, and its report which he cochaired. wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wallin side that room? >> well, i'd love to read a transcript in any event. i don't think the accountability
11:29 am
review board is reallythe centerpiece here, they don't have any firsthand knowledge of benghazi. they are only reporting on what others told them. i understand why the committee is interested in it. but i'll make the prediction having not heard what went on in the room, having not talked to anybody, i've known tom for a longtime, he has a rare talent, a really unique ability when he's asked a question he doesn't want to answer to speak at enormous length and say absolutely nothing. so my guess is if this turned out to be a three-hour deposition or interview that there are long passages that you can read in the transcript that will be nearly incomprehensible. jon: i'm sure that we'll get a look at that transcript one of these days. ambassador, thank you very much for being with us. john bolton. >> thank you. jenna: a major safety recal today effecting hundreds of thousands of owners driving hybrid cars. the design flaw that could cause brake failure, and which models
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jenna: taking you live to new york city there. i believe that is chris christie in the center of your screen.
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this is the funeral of senator frank lautenberg who passed away earlier this week. the funeral service is taking place today in new york city. but a long member, really public servant i should say. there he is, senator frank lautenberg, recently just passed away and the funeral taking place in midtown manhattan. we'll have more information on the service as it becomes available. jon: right now there are some new concerns about the civil war raging in syria. a u.n. report find radical groups including some with ties to al qaeda are playing a bigger role in the day-to-day combat there these hard-line factions are gaining more control by working and fighting alongside the rebels , making it hard to know which side the u.s. should be supporting in the conflict. a conflict, that to date has claimed at least 80,000 lives. the united nations says there are reasonable ground to believe both sides have
11:35 am
used chemical weapons. plus, the unrest in syria is becoming a magnet for foreign involvement and not just al qaeda-linked groups. with iran, hezbollah, russia and china said to be helping out the syrian regime. meanwhile there is brand new evidence the majority of foreign fighters dying on the battlefield were fighting for the region's hard-line faction linked to al qaeda. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more on that. >> reporter: thank you, jon. the emergence of foreign fighters is seen as another marker that the syrian conflict is spreading with ramifications beyond the middle east and north africa. a new report obtained by fox news concludes at least 280 foreign fighters have been killed in the last year with the majority fighting on behalf of a terrorist group that functions as a front for al qaeda in iraq. in april an american citizen, eric karonn, a former army private was in virginia federal court facing charges of fighting alongside al qaeda in syria.
11:36 am
his case, according to flashpoint global partners, a leading counterterrorism firm is part of a worrying trend. the civil war is drawing jihadi fighters from the u.s., chechnya, kosovo, egypt, gaza, jordan, libya, tunisia and saudi arabia. this is seen as more evidence that al qaeda's islamist message is gaining traction in syria. the report reads in part, quote, the lion's share of foreign fighters dying in syria are fighting with the most hard-line organization involved in the uprising. the leader recently publicly sworn allegiance to al qaeda leader dr. al-zawahiri. they recently obtained the footage where al qaeda claims to hold training camps for teenage fighters within syria. while the claims can not be independently verified this is seen as more evidence that al qaeda wants to leverage deteriorating security conditions. this week the state department called on all foreign fighters to leave the country. >> well, let me just
11:37 am
reiterate why we played the strong call we did. he wanted to send a message that this is of great concern. the, addition and the growth of foreign fighters including of course hezbollah, as the most prominent example. >> reporter: the new report draws on social media which is being used by extremist groups to expand their recruitment in a very significant way, jon. jon: wow! catherine herridge in washington. thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. jenna: for more on this let's bring in someone who was in syria recently. testified before congress about the situation inside syria. he is a research fellow at the new america foundation. brock, you wrote about this al qaeda affiliate. you spent time on the ground in syria. what do you think our viewers need to know most about this group? >> jenna, al news a is the most effective fighting force among the syria rebels. it controls major infrastructure including oil installations and grain silos t controls key roads
11:38 am
in and out of syria. they have a very strong presence on the ground. jenna: how did so strong on the ground, barak? is this always the way it is since your first visit there or did they recently gain more power? >> not at all. over time they become stronger and stronger as the national units of rebel led free syrian army, fsa, stumbled on the battlefield and committed abuses against the civilians, it turned population both civilians and fighters away from. fsa and toward nurra which is more structured and disexplained than the fsa units. jenna: they're strongest group on the ground. if you're an everyday civilian on the streets of syria, if you look for protection that is where you turn to? >> basically if you're looking for social services in a country where the state completely recede where people rely on subsidies from the government to buy everything from bread to gasoline. you need to shift to someone
11:39 am
us. al news remarks provided togs services. al news a. i saw people come every day to ask them for help. they're more organized and disciplined the way they presented help to the civilians and other fsa units. jenna: interesting. what do you think their goal is, barak? do you think they want to create their own state in syria? or is there something bigger than that? what exactly does this group want? >> al-nusra is a global part of al qaeda ink. they want to create a group like usama bin laden and al-zawahiri have preached. they don't want to end the revolution when assad false. they want to take the revolution to israel. they want to take jihadism to jordan and saudi arabia. they want to topple all the friend in the region and that is big problem for
11:40 am
washington. jenna: you talked to lawmakers about this. john mccain made a visit to syrian rebels inside syria. there is a push to arm the rebels. what did you tell lawmakers about that? what do you think, what is the right move here? >> washington right now needs to arm the national units from the fsa with rocket and grenade launchers as well as recoil he's guns. provide them with difficult to obtain ammunition, if the weapons fall into hands of jihadists like al news remarks and they will, jenna, we can control the flow of ammunition and those weapons won't be good anymore. jenna: thank you. valuable insight as always. look forward to having you back. thanks again. >> thank you very much. jon: a fox news alert and a scary situation continues in philadelphia where several buildings in a downtown block have collapsed. you can see rescuers there furiously digging. they say it is possible as many as 8 to 10 people are
11:41 am
trapped inside. these are live pictures. you can see them bringing in the excavator. no word on what caused it to collapse although firefighters did note that a building on the block was under construction. these that collapsed appeared to be fairly old brick buildings in the center part of philadelphia on 22nd street, just a block or so off of the river. so again, 8 to 10 people may be trapped in that rubble. three buildings collapsed. the effort to get those people out is underway. we'll keep you updated "happening now."
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jenna: a fox news alert. taking you back to the city of philadelphia where we got word just about an hour ago, about 45 minutes ago of a building collapse. we're now getting reports maybe it is more than one building. and some also reports from local televisions that several people have been taken to the hospital. maybe more are actually trapped inside. what you're seeing there is a, i believe it is a thrift store on the corner. according to some of the information that we have it was a salvation army store of some sort, jon. we've had a variety of different descriptions. four story apartment building with folks inside. was there construction happening on the ground there? that is some of what we're trying to figure out. we haven't seen a live fire. we haven't seen anything like that. just firefighters responding to a massive building collapse that just happened seemingly out of nowhere out
11:46 am
at 10:45 east coast time. jon: this aerial view where it happened, south 20 twek street in philadelphia is the address we've been given, is, you know, philadelphia one. oldest cities on the east coast. there are tall office towers in this vicinity. and there are very old, narrow brick buildings that probably date back hundreds of years. this one appears to be one of them. you know, whether there was some kind of structural problem that led to this collapse, as jenna mentioned, we understand there has been construction nearby and sometimes the vibration and so forth from that kind of thing can shake these old buildings apart. whether that is what happened here too early to know but they do know they have people trapped or they believe they do, 8 to 10 people trapped in the rubble. firefighters are working furiously to try to get those folks out. jenna: trying to figure out exactly what happened here. 10:45 a lot of people would
11:47 am
be at work or still getting ready to work. rick folbaum is working the story. very familiar with the city of philadelphia yourself. what can you tell us about this area and what you heard from the local reports as well. >> reporter: this is it what is called center city, philadelphia. this area is not very far from the fox affiliate station, wtxf which is at fifth and market. this is 22nd and market, not too far away. you can see the pictures of a bucket brigade taking place with firefighters literally trying to clear rubble away to get to these people still believed to be trapped. i'm told, jenna and jon, that the police department asked the television news helicopters to fly away. they're making so much noise it is hard for the rescue teams on the ground to hear the voices that people who may still be trapped in the rubble. so news helicopters requested to fly away so that they could listen for people who may still be trapped in the rubble. i'm also told, jenna and jon, there was a demolition taking place at this site. that this, one.
11:48 am
buildings involved in this collapse was in the process of being brought down. not sure if that would have played any role in this but i did see a quote from the chief, the police department, the head of the police department in philadelphia saying this was not an explosion and not apparently not terror-related in any way. so still a lot of questions and again, we're told as many as 8 to 10 people may still be trapped. five others believed to have been pulled out of the rubble and they're injured right now. jenna: philadelphia police on their twitter feed, what we come to rely on some of this as we are working on this developing story, are calling it not only a building collapse but an industrial accident. that would fit the description we're getting. construction on the site as rick tell us and a demolition taking place. warning of police saying stay clear of the area as they search the rubble. >> you can see they brought in the big yellow excavator. that is always a dicey decision for rescuers to make. those machines can obviously
11:49 am
lift and move an awful lot of material but if you've got people trapped inside they can also, well, they can move something that shouldn't be moved or something that is supporting an air pocket and, cause a collapse, that further injures people. so, it's always a tough call for rescuers to make in a situation like this. do they bring in the heavy equipment right away and try to get material off of the folks who are trapped or do they do it by hand? they have obviously made the call in this situation to bring in the heavy equipment. let's hope that it's the right call and they are successful. jenna: we don't have a firm number of the people injured yet. we do understand that there are some injuries. we're getting some information into our assignment desk there have been some victims it transported to a local trauma center. although we don't know the cause of this, and whether or not it was an apartment building or residential building or a commercial one. that is something we're trying to determine but
11:50 am
right now you can see for yourself there is no fire on the scene. we don't understand it as being any sort of explosion. that might be what you think of when you see this. a building collapse in philadelphia. some injured. ongoing operation on search-and-rescue. we'll be back with more on "happening now"
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
try firefighters brought in a piece of heavy equipment. you can imagine the pressure shun o the operator of that heavy excavator as he gingerly works the control to try to get hydraulics to rescue people apparently trapped in that rubble. it is a very powerful piece of equipment and it is not as you easy to run that thing and, you know, you don't want to make a mistake but they have clearly decided that bringing it in and getting as much of that material out of there as possible is the best way to go here. >> big question, where do you begin here, in this sort of situation where do you begin? they're trained and prepared from this. we heard from the fire department, 8 to 10 people we think may be trapped. we have undetermined amount
11:55 am
of people that are injured. we understand there are some injuries and apparently they were taken to a local trauma center. i believe this is video. that is new video on the screen as firefighters try to look under something here and whether or not they heard somebody underneath this rubble and that's why they're looking in this area? one can only know but we do know they asked the hell copper, news helicopters to break away from this scene, jon. there was too much noise and hearing someone calling out for help is so crucial in a situation like this. jon: you don't have a lot of time. this collapsed happen a little over an hour ago. hour and 15 minutes ago we understand. you don't have a lot of time to get the people out if they're trapped a certain amount of weight is pressing down on their chest or abdomen. you don't have a lot of time to work with before they simply don't have the strength to keep filling up their lungs. so that's why they are desperate to try to get as many of these bricks as
11:56 am
possible moved and try to locate those folks and hope that they are in some kind of a void where the pressure and so forth is not going to efixsy eight them. but again, 8 to 10 people may be trapped. some may be construction workers involved in the demolition of this building. we don't know. jenna: that's a good question. one. reports we are hearing, there was a building in the area, maybe not the one we're seeing right now, we don't have, maybe there was construction or demolition, that is unconfirmed at this point. all we know a building collapsed. some question about people being in the rubble potentially trapped and firefighters on the scene and responding. we'll have more breaking news after this quick break here on the fox news channel. look what mommy is having.
11:57 am
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or visit you don't have to go to extremes to protect your dog fm parasites. you need trifexis. visit our website to save up to $25. available by prescription from your veterinarian. jon: fox news alert. a desperate race against time underway right now. you can see more heavy equipment being brought in to downtown center city, philadelphia, where a building a multistory building, apparently an old one, a lot of bricks just came tumbling down a little more than an hour ago. at least, we understand, 11 people have been dug out from the rubble and have been carried away. we don't yet know anything about their condition. jenna: big question about that and whether or not there's more people in the building or buildings. we're still trying to determine exactly what kind of buildings these were or are. there were apt buildings, commercial buildings in the area and some reports of construction taking place either next door or to the building that collapsed
12:01 pm
itself. a lot of questions still yet to answer. what you're seeing on your screen there is our affiliate, shot, from wtxf. they're doing life breaking coverage of this. we want to listen in as they get breaking news from the scene. >> said it was essentially the third floor of that building that was in the process of being dismantled, but the third floor collapsed onto the people on the first floor. so he said that's why the construction crews were there because they were in the process of dismantling this building. we took a look at the building from google earth. it looked like actually a fairly newer building as oppose to from the 18th century, for example. it looked like newer construction building, forth story. as you guys have been reporting all morning long, right next to essentially surrounding the salvation army store on the corner of 22nd and market on the south side of 22nd and.
12:02 pm
jordan mcglock lynn helped save two people. he heard the whole thing. he was removing rubble off the bodies. fortunately they survived. they were able to talk to him. he said the older woman in her '60s was actually in the so vision army thrift store shopping when the rubble collapsed on top of her. and he, continued to eight the people for about 15 minutes before rescue crews took over. he really is a hero. at this point, mike, the only witness we have been able to find. >> you did a great job for that. he gave us a lot very good information. >> yeah, he really did. very modest also. he is a high school student, mike, if you can believe it. very mature for his age. >> that's for sure. claude, you probably said this but i've been kind of busy here too, what was in the store behind the thrift store? >> you know, i don't know, mike. it is not an abandoned building but a vacant building they were demolishing. because of where it is
12:03 pm
located as you well know, 22nd and market is a really, densesy populated area of center city. so i imagine that is why they didn't bring it down, in some other way. that's why they were taking it down piece by piece. >> i'm a little slow sometimes, claudia. help me through this. the taller of the building to the left of the thrift store, that was being torn down but also the one-story building behind the thrift store was being torn down? >> well, and mike, actually you're not being slow at all because i'm not certain of the answer to that question. i believe from what jordan mcglock lynn told us it was all part of the same building. that may not be accurate. that was the impression i got from him. that this building sort of surrounded the thrift store. if somebody could correct me i would appreciate it. >> okay. hey, claude? >> yeah. >> on the screen we happen to have a picture what this demolition project looked like yesterday. there is that one, big wall, that is, in the process of being knocked down.
12:04 pm
then you see more of the structure that is still standing to the left of the picture here. but apparently that wall, from the middle. frame all the way over to the right-hand side of the picture is the wall that collapsed onto the one-story building. >> that would be consistent with what jordan mcglock lynn was saying. he said he saw the wall collapse and what was the floor of the formerly third floor coming down on top of it. >> is that a man on the top of that picture? control room, can you see that better? is that a person standing with a walkie-talkie? my goodness. that was yesterday. not sure how we got that photo so fast. but that is amazing. that wall apparently came down. >> mike, i don't know if you can see it from the vantage our photographer has they have a great vantage point there, but immediately behind the salvation army is like a taller, residential building. you can see maybe this 20 minutes, half hour ago, i don't know, maybe 15, 20 people, actually looking
12:05 pm
down. >> i saw them, yeah. >> yeah. i man they probably have stories to tell too. that looked to me like a residential building perhaps? >> the big glass building you see in the background is under construction. it will be some luxury apartments. that is another block away i think, maybe all the way town to walnut street. we saw construction workers. almost every building, every roof of every building has people standing on it watching this frantic scene where apparently two people are under the rubble after 11 people have been pulled from the rubble and taken to a couple of area hospitals. >> hey, mike. i just have one more question for you. >> yeah. >> i'm sorry, you may or may not know this. this is right across the street from trader joe's. >> yes. >> i remember for years and years and years there was a xxx rated movie theater. >> i don't know why you're asking me that but you're right, i believe it's still there. there is been some controversy about that place. i think we had a quick shot of it. then you have the luxury apartment building. the mirana i believe the
12:06 pm
name of it across the street. oval shaped beautiful building that is across the street from your location. >> we're standing right at the corner of it. i've been trying, talking out loud, forgive me, but that movie theater was not the building that collapsed because there is vacancy like a hole on market street on the other side of the collapsed building. i'm trying to figure out that was in fact a movie theater. >> there is a fire station to the right of this picture, isn't there? >> yep. there is, engine, i can't read it without my glasses. >> they definitely heard this happen? >> yeah. their doors are shut right now. no shot of firefighters there. i imagine they're quite busy on the scene. >> they're all the at scene, no question about it. >> the firehouse is 1, two buildings away from where the building collapsed. so i imagine they have to be first on scene. >> yeah, within a minute you would think. >> yeah, yeah. absolutely. >> commissioner ramsey right there in the middle of the scene. everybody is, it is very hot out there, too.
12:07 pm
the temperatures are going up already. and with the dust from the rubble an all that, they're trying to keep everybody hydrated. so these firefighters are looking down on their, other firefighters who are on their hands and knees trike to take this rubble out piece by piece. hopefully we have two people who are surviving under this after 11 people were pulled from the rubble and taken to two hospitals. in fact, speaking of the hospital, let's get over to where thomas is standing by. what can you tell us? jenna: you're listening to wtxf, our affiliate in philadelphia, doing a great job reporting out the breaking news. just over an hour ago a building collapse happened as you heard described in a densely populated area in downtown philadelphia. we're still trying to piece together exactly what happened. apparently there was a lot of construction on this block. it is tough to determine what actually was the cause of a building collapse that may have led to another collapse in the area.
12:08 pm
and that's what you're seeing here from this perspective. we've had to pull back some of the helicopters in the area because the emergency crews requested that so they could hear if anybody is left under that rubble. if they're able to reach them and rescue them. we do have, a before picture for you. there is a salvation army thrift store. you can see that on the right of the screen right, jon? this big tall building to the left. that is the building really no longer there. jon: four-story building. the one with the hoagie city sign on it. apparently it was in the process of being torn down. it's an older building. how old, not possible to tell at this moment but an older building, four stories and they were bringing it down when apparently one of the four-story walls that was still standing collapsed and came down on, not only the site the former building but also on some of the buildings next door. again 8 to 10 people were thought to have been trapped in the early going. they pulled 11 people out
12:09 pm
and took them off to hospitals and other medical treatment, but whether there is still someone perhaps in a i ba, we don't know. jenna: apparently a good samaritan was on the scene there. a high school student described from the local reporter there on the scene who said he helped two women out of that salvation army store that were, that were shopping there. it was 10:45 east coast time. people are out and about in this area. rick folbaum is with us. you grew up in the area of philadelphia. you know this area very well and one of the questions we had, seems to get somewhat of an answer there is a lot of older buildings in this area and that was one of the questions we had going into this coverage is this one of the older buildings? there was sort of a problem and that led to the collapse. seems like we're getting a little bit of a different picture now. >> looks like this was actually a newer building. you're right, there is big mix. philadelphia being such an old city is full of buildings been around for hundreds of years, sometimes literally next door to brand new construction. that's what happens when a city has to modernize.
12:10 pm
new buildings are going up next to old buildings. looks like buildings that were involved in this collapse, i'm told there were two separate four-story buildings, jenna, involved here. that they were on the newer side, perhaps even being torn down to make way for even newer construction, condominiums i think we were listening to our colleagues from wtxf, fox 29. this is an area that has a lot of residential, it he is a big residential area and big comercial area as well in the heart of center city, philadelphia, and not far from channel twenty nine's headquarters where i worked for a few years back in the early '90s, wtxf they're there to able to get on the scene. as we reported earlier, they asked news helicopters that would ordinarily flying over a noose news situation like this, fly away from this so rescuers on the ground could listen to cries for help from people who may still be trapped underneath the rubble. we're told perhaps two
12:11 pm
people remained trapped underneath the rubble of this building, that 11 people were injured. it is not clear if those 11 people were pulled from under the rubble or if some of them were actually just walking by at the time that the collapse took place and were injured by falling debris. that is a real likelihood, a possibility considering the time of day that this took place, jenna. but we've been told that several people have been taken to local hospitals. haniman hospital, jefferson hospital, university of pennsylvania. philadelphia is known for having some of the best hospitals in the country. so that's good news for those people who were injured. we don't know the extent of their injuries. again we'll keep an eye on this. that thrift store there, sort of hanging out eerily in the center of the screen, sort of the center of the action as the buildings around it began to collapse, about 10:45 this morning, hour and a half or so ago. jenna: eerie description or eerie scene, appropriate description, rick.
12:12 pm
one wonders how did that little corner survive, what looks to be a massive building collapse, multistory in the city of fill definitely. we believe we might hear from the mayor in short order. they're talking about a briefing. maybe we get more information from the scene of the right now still going on with very little information we have. jon: you can see they are, digging with their hands literally, sometimes that is the best way to go in a situation like this because, you bring in the heavy equipment, you can crush the voids that are allowing people to breathe who might still be trapped. the kind of a neighborhood it is, you can tell, very much a downtown block in transition. you've got the salvation army thrift store there on the corner. then this building that was being dismantled apparently. then to the left of it were a couple of adult bookstores and movie theaters. very much a neighborhood in transition. we are going to continue to keep an eye on this rescue effort very much underway right now in downtown philadelphia. take you back there in just a moment. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d
12:13 pm
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12:16 pm
jon: fox news alert. tense times in downtown philadelphia as they are still frantically digging to try to rescue people that they believe might still be buried in the rubble of a collapsed four-story building or perhaps buildings. we now know from some great work that our fox brain room has done, that a contractor took out a demolition permit in february of this year to bring down that four-story building. it was in the process of doing that that some of the large walls that were still standing apparently came down and may have collapsed a building next door. at first it was believed 8 to 10 people were trapped. they got 11 people out and, to the hospital. some much them may have been, bystanders, on the sidewalk, in neighboring buildings and so forth. that is why the discrepancy in numbers but they have taken 11 people out as we understand but they are still looking for more. jenna: police still calling it at this time an industrial accident which is why we keep going back to what was happening in this
12:17 pm
neighborhood constructionwise. whether or not there was a building being demolished that we do now know from the building permit that was happening. there is still a question mark. we still continue with the coverage what impact that had on these other buildings in. you see the back part and little building on the center of your screen there, that is a little box, that is what is left of the salvation army thrift store. the building next to it is believed to be the building had construction taking place. a big question about behind the store. what is this whole block, what was the impact of this whole block based on construction in the area and what kind of impact that had on the collapse right now. a lot of information we're getting from the scene from our affiliate wtxf they have been live with their coverage since this happened 10:45 eastern time. let's go back and dip into them and see what they learned. >> you see in our live shot that we believe that was from yesterday and we think that is the wall that collapsed on the one-story
12:18 pm
building, the donation center and also hit the front of the building, the thrift store itself where people go in and actually buy these donated items. mike, i don't know if you can hear me. >> dave, go ahead. >> let me point something out. my cameraman tom beck who has been on the scene with me all morning, you see the beam sticking out on the third, you see the beam sticking out on the third floor there, i don't know if they were working on the building to the east of that, and they have, you know, removed something and then caused the collapse to the west of that but there's huge beam sticking)<
12:19 pm
there was four or five people taken out. by the time, that i had been told police, told us to leave at 15 minutes or so. >> we've got a couple of questions for you, jordan, based on what you told us originally, half hour, 45 minutes ago. so the people you helped
12:20 pm
rescue and people who were brought out were all in that thrift store, correct? >> correct. they were in the thrift store and in the building. the roof collapsed on top of them while they were shopping. >> reporter: no construction workers who were working on the project from what you could tell were also caught in that? >> no construction workers from what i understand. >> reporter: okay, the building itself that collapsed, we were trying to figure out, it's the building when you're facing the thrift store immediately to the left or behind the thrift store? >> if you're facing the thrift store, it is to the left of the thrift store. there were two merchant shops on the bottom. a hoagie shop and a adult video shop and the, there was two stories of apartments on top, maybe three. what was left was three stories and, the three story building collapsed on top of the thrift shop which is a one-story little building on the corner. >> reporter: do you have any idea how long that building had been vacant from what you saw? >> maybe, two months. that building. >> reporter: pretty recent?
12:21 pm
>> apparently the same guy owns everything on the block. across the street there was an old form feeder, owned by the same guy. that was knocked down a month before the event today occurred. >> reporter: and, jordan, from what you can see when facing the thrift store, the building immediately behind the thrift store, was that part of this collapse? >> no. it was not. it was a store right next door. >> reporter: how, how dismantled was the building? you were talking about the third floor collapsing? >> yeah. it was just the wall off the third floor and the wall and a, like the floor was left and that fell. the outside wall that was you hadding the thrift shop. >> reporter: that fell as well as --. jon: so that is our fox affiliate wtxf. their facilitiesss located a few blocks away from this building collapse in downtown fill definitely. they're talking to an 18-year-old high school student who was on the way
12:22 pm
to a dent tiff appointment when this building came down and the bricks and debris went crashing through the roof apparently of the thrift store, the salvation army thrift store in the center of the screen. he helped rescue folks from that building. back with more coverage in just a moment. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply.
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12:25 pm
jenna: fox news alert. back to the city of philadelphia where we continue to watch very active scene of a building collapse and we just got some fresh information from the fire department in the area saying that the demolition of the building next door to the thrift store that you're seeing on your screen there appears at first glance, that the first part of this investigation, to have affected the rest of the block, the rest of this thrift store, which extended down the block. apparently the area where the salvation army takes in
12:26 pm
donations. you're seeing all the fire and police standing in front of the building is the actual thrift store part of the salvation army. apparently the building next door was a commercial dwelling and the preliminary information that we have suggests that it is a three-story dwelling in front, two stories in back and again there was some sort of a demolition taking place or some sort of construction taking place in that building. witnesses say, jon, as they were on the streets there, suddenly they heard a rumbling and then the building collapsed. we think, based on again, just what we're hearing first from witnesses, the building to the left of what you're seeing on your screen collapsed on top of the building next to it. jon: we understand three people are still trapped in the rubble. whether those are construction workers or whether they are folks who worked for or shopped at the salvation army thrift store we don't know. it obviously doesn't matter. they're human beings trapped in that rubble and they're trying to get them out.
12:27 pm
you have got dozens of firefighters and police on the scene. the news choppers that would normally be hovering overhead have been ordered to stay away because the noise of the rotor blades was so loud the rescuers, first-responders on the ground couldn't hear and they were trying to get some audible confirmation as to where these people are, the people who are believed to be trapped in all of that rubble. they have got what they want now. the fire, i'm sorry, the helicopters have left. you've got ground shots only from the fox affiliate there and other tv stations who may be on the ground but you can see it's a whole lot of standing around for a lot of these people. standing around and waiting and just hoping that they can get to these people who are still trapped inside. jenna: we are getting some brand new information on the extent of the injuries. there is just some information about the people that have been removed from this rubble. the hospital, the university of pennsylvania has told a member of our team here at fox that they have four patients. they're not elaborating
12:28 pm
right now on the extent of injuries or offering any other additional information but we do know that four patients are in the hospital. the young man on the scene that was just interviewed by one of our fox affiliate reporters, his name, jordan mcglothlin. he was 18 years old on the way to the dentist and walking buy when this happened. he rushed into the thrift store after he took in the scene and helped a few people come out of the thrift store that were shopping. he said, in his, from his vantage point he did not see any other construction workers in the rubble but this is just one perspective. and certainly many people were around this area, jon. we know it is a densely populated area, a mix of commercial and residential in downtown philadelphia mid-morning. >> one construction worker not involved in this project was working on a nearby project because there are a lot of actually large construction projects going up in that part of philadelphia. at any rate he said that he was concerned, having watched how this building was being dismantled in
12:29 pm
recent days, he said he was concerned about the way it was being done. and he also said that when he heard and saw the collapse and ran up to the scene to try to help rescue anybody who might be trapped, he said the dust was so thick that he could hardly breathe. it was absolutely impossible to see, he says because the dust, when that building came down. a four-story building or what was left of a four-story building. mostly brick-and-mortar, that mortar, especially that old, pulverizes, jenna. >> brand new video we're seeing what actually transpired in the moments after this collapse. that is one individual pulled from the scene loaded into an ambulance. we're still to figure out where all these have gone, how many are there, what are the latest injuries. the latest information from our affiliate is reporting that the fire department says 12 people have been transported to the hospital. rescue workers are apparently still looking for
12:30 pm
three people trapped but, as any situation goes, especially one like this where there is so much chaos, there's a big question about just how many people are left there in the rubble and how you even go about finding them and what looks like to be an area, jon, that really spans an entire city block. jon: last we heard three people are still trapped and they are trying to rescue them. that's why this desperate search with, you know, gloved hands and buckets is going on right now. three people believed to be trapped but again in a situation this kay atic, there could be more. we're going to take a short commercial break. be back with more coverage from downtown philadelphia in just a moment. also breaking news on the case of a u.s. sergeant charged with murdering afghan civilians. there is an update to his case. we'll have that for you in just a bit. constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax
12:31 pm
and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax.
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12:34 pm
>> we just learned breaking news from the fire commissioner i philadelphia, his name is lloyd ayres. this is an ongoing press briefing. it's on the building collapse in pennsylvania. >> the history of the property, we had a complete demo permit pulled back in february. the contractors name was griffin campbell construction a philadelphia-based firm. the owner is richard baciano out
12:35 pm
of a new york-based firm. obviously this matter is still under investigation and we will provide you with further details as we get them and they come in. >> if we could hang on one second. >> mr. williams, mr. ayres, thank you have, have much for the reports. i want to try to keep some perspective on this. we have as was mentioned 12 people transported and taken from this scene. certainly our thoughts and prayers are with them. the fire commissioner indicated this is still an active search and rescue operation. i want to keep focus on the fact that our firefighters are actively engaged in a search and rescue operation. it is delicate, this is dangerous work. we have a significant number of personnel on the scene trying to see whether or not this are any other individuals possibly in this building. we do not know whether there are
12:36 pm
or are not. so you don't need to ask me a bunch of questions about that. we are going to continue this operation until we are certain that anyone who was in the building has been taken out of the building and is recovered. we've set up a -- we need your assistance on this. given where we are, 22nd and market. there is a perimeter that's been established and i would greatly appreciate if all of you could help us with getting information out, the perimeter area is from 18th street up to the skillul river. and ben franklin parkway to market street north and south. we need people to stay out of the area so personnel can do the dangerous and delicate work they are engaged in. with that we'd be brad to try to answer any questions that we can answer. we will not speculate on anything in this particular
12:37 pm
regard. >> what can you tell us about the structural history of that building, in terms of l & i inspections and past history. >> there are no existing violations on the property. it was permitted and the contractor had an license. griffin campbell construction. it was an active demolition. >> do you know how many workers were on site. >> we are getting that information at this time. >> is it mixed commercial and residential. >> yes, correct. >> the permits were valid up to date. >> yes, they were valid up to date. >> should they have been removing a wall next to a building occupied. >> i don't want to speculate. >> this is under investigation. there are other agencies that get involved in that kind of investigation. we will not make a speculation. again this is something that happened at about 10:45 this morning. i think we are at about 12:30 something. there are a lot of things we don't know. we'll give you all the information we have. but we are not going to speculate in this kind of matter and there will be other agencies
12:38 pm
outside of the city government that get involved in these kinds much investigations going forward. >> is this a search for people who may be there? >> as anyone who comes through the intersection knows and i come through here a million times this is an active, salvation army thrift store. people come here to get clothes, or other items, possibly other services. it was in business. it was active. there are workers and of course possibly customers. so at any point in time, you know, you're not necessarily going to know how many people would be in this sore as you wouldn't know how many people are in any store at any particular moment. we want to make sure that we have done everything we can to get out anyone who was in the store, but all we can tell you is that 12 people have been transported, and we are looking for anyone else in -- possibly in that structure, in that
12:39 pm
debris as a result of the wall collapsing on the salvation army store. i'm not going to speculate at this time as to where things may be on that. >> can you tell us exactly where the search is being cons traeupted right now? concentrated right now? can you tell us where the sefrt is concentrated at the moment? >> the search is being concentrated in the front and the rear of the building but the search is in the whole area. we are searching the whole area, it's an active search and rescue and we are going to search until we get to the basement. >> and did you say that there were people in there, were there voices? did the dog find evidence or how do you know there may be people in there? >> we have located people inside, they have talked to some of the folks, to one of the persons that's inside. we have located them and we are going to continue until we can get them out and get them to a hospital. >> what is the biggest khal averagchallenge with regards to
12:40 pm
the people. i understand your special ops here is here and why. >> the special ops team located in philadelphia now, we have heavy rescue, the biggest challenge is getting people -- all of the tons of rubble that is on top of folks, getting them untangled an extra indicated. we have walls, active movement in the walls, we have transits on them, they have all of their equipment out. the walls are shored and we will do what we can to get them out safely. >> you say they've talked to you, what did they say? >> they have not talked to us. >> i'm not going to get into all of that. come on, any other questions? >> are the lines because of vibrations that could cause more collapse? >> we have the l that runs straight through with minimum vibration. the trolleys run up here, we've
12:41 pm
assessed the situation and we continue to work. >> will you say one building collapsed onto another building, can you walk us through that, please? >> that's what it appears. we were not here when it collapsed. we do know that there is debris from the market street building onto the salvation army building. >> last question. >> that is the apartment building? >> well it's a building that commissioner williams talked about. >> does that also take down a portion of the building behind it? was that also involved? >> no it's the one building and the salvation army building where we are focused. >> how many people do you think you're still searching for? >> i have no idea. >> we are not going to speculate on that. last question. >> what is the condition of the 12 people taken to the hospital? >> he can to nick lee code 3? class 3, rather, sorry, that's stable condition. they are in stable condition. minor injuries, all been transported, all awake, conscious and talking. >> mayor, thank you. >> will that amount of debris on individuals that is a miraculous
12:42 pm
situation. >> it's a tremendous job being done by the philadelphia fire department. they are going to do everything they can to make sure if there is anyone else in there they will find them. >> and the fact of minor injuries. >> that is incredible. jenna: that is incredible. what we learned from the press conference is nothing short really of a miracle when you look at the scene. 12 people taken from the rubble of this building collapse and all of them, according to the fire commissioner and the mayor that were just speaking with only minor injuries and in stable condition. now, the other thing that we learned, jon is that there are two people that they've located still in the rubble, one of which was actually speaking with rescuers. so, we'll take that as a good sign for now that they were able to communicate. we are coming up here on two hours since the business collapsed and time is of the essence. jon: we also learned that the four-story building apparently came down on a two-story building that housinged part of that salvation army thrift
12:43 pm
store. the lower section of the thrift store, one story section still standing there in front of the screen. behind it was a warehouse sort of area, two stories, and that's where they are actively apparently looking for victims and where they apparently have located some. so, 12 people hurt, two apparently still buried, but a very big mess still an active scene in philadelphia. [ bell dings ]
12:44 pm
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jon: fox news alert we'll take you back to the ongoing rescue in philadelphia in a moment. for now news about one of the most tragic and strange incidents of the afghan war. you might remember staff sergeant robert bailes, who was accused of going on a murderous rampage last year. the middle of the night he left his base in afghanistan according to prosecutors and went to two separateville anales, and went on a shooting spree ultimately shooting and killing 16 afghan civilians. he has agreed to plead guilty, his attorneys say, in exchange for the dropping of the death penalty that had been filed against him, and he will tell a judge extensive information about those shootings. robert bailes, a man who had a pretty good record in the army, his family says he simply
12:48 pm
snapped, his wife has been standing behind him throughout this whole ordeal. he's the father of two children. staff sergeant robert bailes to plead guilty to murder charges today. he will plead guilty in exchange for the army dropping the death penalty filed against him. we'll have much throughout the day here on fox. jenna: back with a breaking situation out of the city of philadelphia. it's been two hours since we got the reports of a building collapse in downtown philadelphia and the big headline that we just learned, 12 people pulled from the rubble are in stable condition with minor injuries. of course when you see a scene like this so many questions go through your mind what about actually caused this and what about the people that are on the street? this was a commercial and residential area. we are learning a little bit more about the building next to the building on your screen there you see the salvation army thrift store, there was a building next door and maybe we had that before and after
12:49 pm
picture so we can see it. apparently there was construction and demolition being done next door. rick is standing by with us. that is the building, the big tall white building on the screen that apparently was being demolished. what else have relearned about it. >> reporter: it was being demolished to put up a grand new building. a k-rlter had been granted a demolition permit by the city of philadelphia. we heard in the news conference a couple of minutes ago the permit was up to date, no problems with the job site, no problems with the permit. however, we are hearing from reports from workers in 4 this area, folks who live and work nearby where this accident has taken place, and it appears to be an accident at this point. we don't know for sure, that this looked like a building they said that was going to come down. that was being brought down, it looked like a dangerous type of situation according to some reports that i'm hearing on the ground there. folks who had sort of seen this and didn't think that the demolition work was being done in a safe way. now, we don't have this confirmed in anyway, shape or
12:50 pm
form but that building on the left, and you see the hoagie city and you sign was being brought down. plano americanos is the contract firm taking out the permit to bring down the four-story building. the website for the contractor says that they specialize in both residential and commercial buildings. as we learn more about this we'll pass it on to you. jenna: that building was both commercial and residential as we understand it and the city official told us at least as of right now that there is no existing violations in the area. still so many questions about exactly why this happened. jon: yeah, a four-story building that toppled onto a two-story building, 12 people we understand have been hospitalized, mostly with minor injuries. that is the absolutely amazing thing. but we understand that at least two people are still believed to be trapped in the rubble. that is what they are trying to do, get those people out
12:51 pm
pronto. you can see firefighters working with their bare hands to try to move the debris. we'll continue to keep an eye on the situation that is just now about two hours old in philadelphia. it happened about 2 hours and ten minutes ago. back with more in a moment. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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jon: fox news alert and this philadelphia story has a miraculous nature to it. 12 people who were apparently mostly inside that salvation army thrift store that you see there in the center of your screen when a four-story building that was under demolition anyway came tumbling down on top of them. those 12 people mostly minor injuries, we understand. laura ingle has been checking on their condition and has a report for us. okay it doesn't sound like laura
12:55 pm
is able to hear me at this moment. 12 people were caught apparently in that salvation army thrift store. it's a one and two-story building in an older section of philadelphia, when a four story building that was under demolition and the walls of which were still largely standing, that four-story building came tumbling down on top of them. we understand that laura is able to hear us now. what do you know about the people taken away? >> reporter: we just got off the phone with jefferson university hospital. we understand that five patients have been taken there, also hospitals university of pennsylvania at four. we continue to check in with the hospitals to find out the extent of the injuries, but so far right now public relations teams at these hospitals can't give us anything on their conditions. we are hoping to get updates on that. also the pennsylvania task force one urban search and rescue being deployed, we know they will be jumping in in part of this rescue team. we continue to follow that part of the story as well, jon. jon: laura ingle in the
12:56 pm
newsroom, thank you. two people we know are still believed to be trapped in that rubble. there could be more. a lot of chaos there. the firefighters are doing their best. back with more in just a moment.
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
>> a four story building under demolition came down on a thrift store.


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